Getting the Help of a Lacrosse Chiropractor by James Anthony Smith

If you are suffering from migraines, chances are you have resorted to using prescription pills to relieve the pain. You have probably found yourself popping painkillers in an almost daily basis. This is how an average person deals with these kinds of problem. However, things have been changing over the years. People are looking for healthier ways to deal with various health issues. If you are in Lacrosse, you will probably find people visiting a Lacrosse chiropractor for treatment. Many people view this as a preventive form of treatment. Not only will it prevent the occurrence of migraines, it will also help relieve other kinds of health conditions.

How Can a Lacrosse Chiropractor Help?

Headaches are common occurrences. There are many things that trigger migraines or headaches. They include bad nutrition, stress and bad posture which results to cervical vertebrae suppression and muscle tightening. Visiting a chiropractor will help you with your headaches. He or she will perform a series of chiropractic maneuvers and adjustments in order to correct the vertebral problem causing the headaches. Chiropractic treatment will help relax the muscles, tissues and nerves. These procedures will also help relieve stress and improve your overall well-being.

Choosing Your Lacrosse Chiropractor

It can be difficult to choose a chiropractor if you don't know how to choose one. If you have seen and compared ads of various practitioners, you will notice that they are practically claiming the same things. They also offer various kinds of chiropractic treatments and it can be difficult to make your choice. You need to take your time to look for a licensed, competent, experienced and reliable Lacrosse chiropractor. You can go online and compare various practitioners in your area and then you can visit them once you have narrowed down your choices.

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Shopping for a Lacrosse Helmet by Ricco Regan

Lacrosse is a sport in which rough physical contact is constant. Equipment that protects players is required by the National Collegiate Athletic Association as well as US Lacrosse. To prevent serious cerebral injury, helmets (preferably approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment NOCSAE) must be worn. However, all lacrosse helmets are not the same when it comes to providing good protection from stick and ball impact. It's also important to realize that a helmet must properly fit the head of the player wearing it, to be fully effective.

Before selecting a helmet, simply place a standard tape measure around the circumference of the head of the prospective helmet wearer, about one inch above the eyebrows . This is the most accurate method of determining the exact size of their head.

If a helmet fits:

It will not be able to spin around on the wearer's head.

Its inner lining will wrap closely around.

The top pad will sit snug on the head and jaw pads will snug against the jaws.

There will not be a gap between the brow and the inside lining.

There will not be finger space between the head and the helmet.

The line of vision of the wearer will not be blocked from any angle.

Approximately 300,000 brain injuries happen every year in the United States, many of them on sports fields. The care that should go into choosing a lacrosse helmet can't be emphasized enough. The size of the helmet wearer's head should be matched with the range of sizes listed by the manufacturer on the lacrosse helmet box. If the prospective helmet wearer's head does not exactly match the sizes listed on the box but falls somewhere in between the two, the helmet to select is the smallest one in that range. The most desirable helmet fits the shape of the wearer's head as naturally as possible since this level of fit offers the most safety. The chin straps should be highly adjustable by the player for the same reason.

Adequate ventilation is another consideration. The player should be able to breathe freely when wearing a properly fitting helmet so there should be air vents on the head gear. A helmet should not feel bulky or clumsy, and a free flow of air in and out of it actually facilitates lightness.

It should be noted that the amount of hair on the head of the helmet wearer affects the fit, so if the helmet wearer has a lot of hair when fitted for their helmet than later cuts his hair, a whole new head measurement is required and new helmet may need to be purchased. There's no such thing as an athlete being too cautious before playing. Taking risks leads to serious injury while precautions keep the game of lacrosse enjoyable and safe. To purchase lax helmets and other discount lacrosse gear, visit Lax World.

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Don't Fret, Make a Lacrosse Backstop and Save Money by BarneyH

Hey Fellow Lax Enthusiasts,

If you have any involvement in Lacrosse, you know that players can shoot the ball with incredible speed. Even very young players around the age of 7 can shoot up to 45mph. A Lacrosse ball weighing in at 5.5 ounces of solid rubber can cause a good deal of damage when shot at those kind of speeds.

So when that ball contacts your neighbor's window, your fence, flower beds, or shed something is breaking. I've seen steel being dented, windows broken and siding cracked. And when players mature their strength increases so hopefully for your property sake that you don't have a Paul Rabil like son who can shoot the ball 111mph.

But don't go thinking that you have to purchase an expensive Lacrosse Backstop to prevent this. Just don't, their ridiculously overpriced and they do not have any special benefit that you could not create yourself. I've seen market backstops retail between $300 and $2000, plus the shipping fees and the time spent assembling it. It also doesn't take into account the layout of your yard. But you who know your yard better than anyone else.

Take the route I took, and construct one yourself. I did and incorporated the unique elements that make my backyard. I purchased a sport netting a cheap sport netting, bought some wire and attached it to my house and the play-set. It cost me less than $60 for all of it. It was easy, and the way I set it up prevents me from having to take it down when I need to mow the lawn.

So check The Lacrosse Guy-ide for the images I posted of my yard and see if you would like to do the same thing and save some dough for more lacrosse balls. :)

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